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The whole scene was surreal. Very erotic! Spread wide open and fingering her twat, enjoying the fact that Kinky milf sex story was watching her masturbate, you could see her cum flowing from her red hot pussy! Harry put his hands under Jodies' armpitts and stood, pulling her up as he rose. She willingly followed his lead as he slid her halter from around her neck and pushed her dress from her hips, letting it fall into a pile around Jodies' feet and the "cum fuck me" high heels.

There Kinky milf sex story stood. Completely nude, except for the red garter belt and sexy white and red stockings. Her shaved pussy glistening. I swear I could see her juices all around her upper thighs. I knew she had already cum at least once.

Damn right she was! That had started when she shead her inhibitions and started doing what her body and mind lead her to. Harry put his hand over Jodies wet pussy and squeezed, " Want to show how you like to ride Kinky milf sex story cock? Her legs were trembling as she pushed down on his fingers and moved Kinky milf sex story feet further apart.

Please give me that big cock. Fill my pussy. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and let them watch your cock go in me.

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I want that dick Harry. I want that dick in me now.

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Harry replied by unbuckling his belt Kinky milf sex story dropping his pants to the floor. Placing the heel of his shoe to the toe of the other foot he slipped his shoes off one at a time and stepped free of his pants, removed his boxers, Kinky milf sex story lay down on the first level of the of the floor with his feet to the den. His hard cock standing at full attention. He was very well hung, the biggest dick of all the men in our group.

Proud of that, he was also known to take two mg Viagras' before our parties. No sooner than he had lay down, Jodie straddled him, turning to Kinky milf sex story the den area where everyone, pulling cocks and rubbing pussies, could see her open cunt and see what she would do next.

She squated down, legs wide apart, her pussy streached to the max and grabbed Harrys cock with Kinky milf sex story right hand and started rubbing the head of his massive dick all around the outside of her pussy as we watched, spellbound by the vision in front of us.

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Slowly she lowered herself onto his erection taking nearly half into her wet open cunt and rising back up, getting her hand around him assbig booty. Jodie pulled his dick from the top of her pussy, touching her clit thru the wetness of her open cunt, circling the rosebud of her tight little asshole at the end.

I knew Kinky milf sex story wasn't teasing, she had a very shallow vagina. Hell I could hit the bottom. The girth of Harrys dick was not a problem for her but I knew she had to work the length in slowly, until she could get all of it. That may be why she loved to feel Kinky milf sex story cum spurts, the tip of most cocks would be against the very bottom of her pussy, giving her a sensation most women would never feel.

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Jodie was wide open to the entire room and very wet. Slowly she put the tip of Harrys cock to her open cunt and lowered herself again. Stopped short of getting it all the way in, raised up once more and then fell on his Kinky milf sex story shaft letting all of his manhood pierce her hot, hungery lust hole.

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Squating and rising, squating and rising, again and again as she moved her hips side to side gyrating to a beat of sexual desire only she could dance to.

I could hear Harry groan with blissful delight and I knew at Kinky milf sex story moment control was once again all Jodies'. She never loses control for long.

I silently chuckled to myself.

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My thoughts were suddenly inturupted and I snapped back to reality as I felt a poke at my side. It was Shell. I Kinky milf sex story noticed him at the bar eariler but had gotton lost in what was happening.

White Russian. I know she takes some meds. Do you think it's alright to Kinky milf sex story it to her? It has a double shot of Vodka? Thinking it had been some time since she had taken her bipolar medication.

It crossed my mind hot wild she got when she was Manic and hypersexual.

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Dangerous, but very erotic for us. I just had to watch out for her and I knew it would be safe tonight.

Sex story milf Kinky

She had taken her meds hours ago. Shell walked to Jodie and offered the drink as she rose Kinky milf sex story dropped on Harry's cock, moving side to side when he was completely in her.

She took the drink and tasted it.

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Jodie undid Shells' belt and pants snap and pulled his zipper down. All the time riding Harry's cock, in and out. She took Shells' Kinky milf sex story at the waist Kinky milf sex story with one movement tugged them and his underware to his knees. Still frozen to the spot where she had my cock in her mouth moments before I started to pull my shaft, her saliva coating it made it easy and joyful to play. I pulled as hard as I could.

Trying to impress her. This only made Gail suck harder and she screamed and moaned as she sucked sending her into an intense orgasm continuing to suck with wild abandonment.

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Gail grabbed my ass pushing my cock deeper into her mouth as my cum shot out load after built up load she sucked and played guzzling down my man juice completely until I had finished.

Then she licked my shaft to ensure she got it all. What I had just done. There Kinky milf sex story no turning back now. I watched as Gail who was 47 dry herself.

Kinky milf sex story

Although older Kinky milf sex story was very beautiful and very sexy. She took care of her self and was always perfectly polished. Her breasts although slightly affected by gravity stood proud as she dried her hair and wrapped a towel around it.

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She grabbed a second towel and dried the rest of her. Rubbing the towel over her body slowly touching every bit of her firmly and sexy form. Right now everything she did seemed sexy to me. I sure want more, Kinky milf sex story clean we have all night.

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My girlfriend's Mum. Your man is here for some loving. My cock was staring her in the face perfectly from where she was sitting. Oh mmm oh.

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My cock was already springing back to life as I rubbed the soap over Kinky milf sex story to get clean. We only live 5 minutes apart so it seemed the easiest thing to do last night.

You're crashing at mine again tonight. Got a surprise for you," Said Mike.

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Adelgazar 10 kilos I was so excited at the prospect of being Kinky milf sex story Liz again. When I arrived at Mike's house, Liz was in the kitchen having a cup of tea and chatting with the local vicar and a school teacher friend of hers from the textiles club. Although Liz never went to church or showed any religious interests, the vicar took a shine to Kinky milf sex story, thinking she was an upright decent human being, who always behaved impeccably and was charitable to others - which was true.

On this day Liz dressed more boldly and confidently than usual. Kinky milf sex story had skin tight jeans that squeezed her ass into an exquisite shape. Tucked into her jeans was a nice purple blouse that complimented her body nicely. Quite tight around those huge breasts, the top couple of buttons were undone showing just the top inch or so of her cleavage, and with a necklace that drew attention to that area.

I got an instant semi.

Kinky milf sex story

Help yourself, you know where the kettle is dear," replied Liz. I went to hang my coat up and take my shoes off in the cove under the Kinky milf sex story. Liz crept up behind me and whispered in my ear, "I've left a gift for you in the laundry basket. Immediately without even having seen Mike yet, I dashed upstairs to the bathroom.

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I noticed the lock had been fixed, great. After locking myself in, I picked up the pink panties from the top of the laundry basket.

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Out of curiosity I wanted to check her size. I read the label of the panties which read, 'UK-size14'. Without further ado I got my cock out. Kinky milf sex story held the panties to my face and began pumping my cock. I was fantasizing about all kinds of things I would do to Liz.

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The feel of her tongue on my asshole, gliding my cock along the crack of her ass, feeling them big teeth scrape my cock, cumming over her face mouth and tits After a few minutes I aimed Kinky milf sex story cock into the inside of her panties and squirted a copious amount of cum into them.

I then screwed them up and threw them back in the laundry basket.

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I zipped up and strolled back down stairs, where I was greeted by Mike. We sat on the sofa in the lounge and started chatting.

She invited me round her house for a bit of a catch up, so that's where I've been. I wanted to fuck her, but she's like us, still living Kinky milf sex story her parents.

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Those middle class snobs can't stand us," Said Mike. He continued: She's bringing charlotte with her though, so it's gonna be a double date. So we went out, had a Kinky milf sex story dinner, and then we were driving around and mulling what to do next.

On the third day his mother came to visit us. When she made sure everything was all right she decided to return to the city. Daniel and His Mother Ch. Slut Survey Pt. House Rules Next part of my little survey Kinky milf sex story help me be a slutty mom.

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My first try. This story is mostly fact based. Voting will determine if I continue or give up. Sitting on the edge of Kinky milf sex story bed watching Jodie get dressed, my mind rambled back Kinky milf sex story how this all got started. As my mind was wandering she walked over to me and said "How do I look Honey? I looked from her 6 inch high heels with the double ankle straps up her shapley legs, encased in her usual thigh high stockings. This time they were two tone, sheer white with red cuban heel and backseam. Webshots chubby beauties Story Kinky milf sex.

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